I have always been an observer of the way that people interact, the ways we seek comfort, connection, healing and the converse, the things we do to keep ourselves from being known. Intimacy is scary. I know first hand that the places we come from and the hurts we have experienced prime so much of the way that we respond in relationship and in life. 

Here's what I know: we were made to be richly and deeply connected to others. We were made to be seen. This is true whether you're married, single, dating, widowed, divorced, young, or old. It’s true regardless of your gender or sexual identity. It’s true regardless of your race or ethnic identity. Here's what else I know: realizing you are stuck in a loop of disconnection can be painful and lonely. 

I am passionate about creating a safe place for people to move, to heal, to become unstuck, and ultimately- to connect. I am a firm believer that healing should be accessible to everyone. Because of this, I hope to create an environment where clients can experience intentional inclusion, where all can feel safe and valued, and all are given a meaningful opportunity to heal and grow. I aim to cherish the sameness of our common humanity, while also celebrating our diversities including: sex, age, race, ethnicity and national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, religious/spiritual affiliation, and education.

I was born and spent twelve years in Zambia before moving to Atlanta where I lived until I moved to Nashville. In my free time I enjoy traveling, cups of tea, books, hiking, and writing poetry. 


  • Bachelor's of Arts: Psychology, Vanderbilt University

  • Master of Marriage & Family Therapy, Trevecca Nazarene University